To Whom it May Concern:

I am a business colleague of Dr. Tom East and have known him as President of Refrigeration Sales Corporation (RSC). RSC is a valued customer of Intelligent Mobile Support.

Over the past few years, I have come to know Tom both as a strong leader at RSC and a respected business collaborator with our company. He has shown leadership, vision and a strong collaborative spirit with a “get it done” attitude that is both energizing and contagious.

I am especially impressed by Tom’s knowledge of his industry. He is accomplished across many facets of his industry including operations, marketing, sales and management. He is familiar with the operation of small, medium and large business organizations. For example, at RSC, Tom supported small dealer organizations – typically just a few individuals. He ran a medium sized organization – as RSC has approximately $100M in annual revenue. And, as RSC represents many brands including Carrier which is a division of United Technologies Corporation with approximately $12B annual revenue – Tom also knows the complexity of large organizations. His ability to understand and operate across this spectrum of business sizes and organizational complexity is truly amazing.

One particular event stands out to me and speaks volumes about Tom. He invited our company to attend an annual Carrier wholesaler meeting. At that meeting our team had the opportunity to meet many of Tom’s peers. His respect throughout the industry was readily apparent. His business knowledge and experience, open and honest approach and personal character were appreciated by all. This event was just one more indication of his outstanding qualifications.

On occasion, Tom spoke to me about his teaching responsibilities. When he did speak about teaching, his eyes just lit up – I could tell he particularly enjoyed that position. His students are truly lucky to have someone with his breadth and depth of experience as a teacher and mentor.
For all the above reasons, I highly recommend Tom East.

In conclusion, please feel free to contact me if additional information is required. I can be reached on my mobile phone at (203) 464-2911 or via email at – I would welcome the opportunity to provide further information.

Sincerely yours,

John W. Steidley, Ph.D.
CEO, Intelligent Mobile Support, Inc.